Aviation Fleet Support Corporation achieves ASA-100 Certification

Aviation Fleet Support ASA-100 Accredited

Brisbane, Australia.
On 18 May, 21 AFSC was awarded the ASA-100 quality certificate. “The team worked hard to secure the certification” said Dean Argent, founder and CEO.

“Becoming compliant with the US Federal Aviation Authority’s AC 00-56 is a milestone for the company that enables our strategic growth plans” said Argent.

AFSC leases and trades CFM56-3 jet engines that are the exclusive power plant for the Boeing 737 classics.

AFSC is moving from leasing and trading the legacy CFM56-3 toward leasing and trading the CFM56-5B and -7B.

“This certification brings our quality systems up to the accepted world standard for Commercial Aviation parts and services suppliers. Our newly appointed Director of Quality Ms Bambie Paneda will head up the quality department….


“We are certified by the ASA. Congratulations to all our team for their dedication and hard work”