Aviation Fleet Support is a commercial jet engine owner, trader and lessor. Specialising mostly in CFM56-3 engines we are continually buying, selling and leasing these engines. We like to keep it simple and transact in only our engines, equipment, LLPs, QEC, rotable parts, stands, etc.  We don’t act as intermediaries.

We hold a significant inventory of LLPs and Rotable parts for the CFM56-3, CFM56-5 and CFM56-7 Engines.  They are stored at various strategic locations around the world to support our engines when required for Shop Visits. We regularly tear down engines to provide donor parts for use in our engines.

We sell our CFM56 engine parts to our colleagues and to engine workshops around the world, but it’s not our core business. Search our parts for sale here.




Aviation Fleet Support is fully accredited by the Aviation Suppliers Association's and has met the requirements of Quality System Standard ASA-100 and FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B.


ASA100 Accredited - Aviation Fleet Support



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Dean Argent - Aviation Fleet Support


Dean is responsible for all our technical procurement and divestment activities.  He is our deal maker and oversees the detail of each of our transactions from start to finish.

His day to day role includes buying / leasing /selling / CFM56 engines and associated parts. He negotiates with our suppliers, contractors and customers ensuring win – win outcomes for every transaction to ensure Aviation Fleet Support will continue to expand its portfolio of engines under lease.

Having put together over $800 Million worth of aviation deals, Dean is an experienced negotiator with 26 years experience in the aviation industry. He worked as Commercial Manager for Aircraft Fleet Capital – a commercial aircraft lessor – from 2008 until 2019 when Aviation Fleet Support acquired it.  He worked as deputy project manager for a $400M aircraft acquisition project for the Royal Australian Air Force, spending 10 years in various aerospace acquisition projects